Poems Inspired By Nature

Today I felt like sharing a different source of inspiration whilst also connection with my favourite muse: nature of course! Instead of browsing through my travel photos or watching Attenborough yet again, I decided to dig out some old books and some favourite poets. Poets have an extraordinary way of connecting with nature that its... Continue Reading →

Great Bear

This poem was inspired by several things. Firstly by the fantastic images of Earth taken from the International Space Station by some of the most skilled amateur photographers on Earth - or off it in this case.

Wandering Universe

The hue and the wing beat Bound by the laws of Physics. The eye and the nebula Too wonderful to be accidental? The paradigm shifts upon takeoff The paradigm shifts upon implosion. What a journey it must be when your feet Barely touch the ground To kiss the wind of the sea and the sound... Continue Reading →

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