10 Art Supplies For The Beginner Painter

When I started painting, I’d been given an old box of oil paints that my brother had found in his garage. I’m not sure who they belonged to, but I was encouraged to try them, having never touched an oil paint tube before. The results weren’t excellent, but with just one canvas and a few... Continue Reading →

Why Beautiful Places Are The Hardest To Paint

There's a moment in every painting when you have a choice. A choice to carry on or move on. You’ve put in hours of thought, sketches, colour studies, and laid out the first marks on the canvas. You’re now fully invested in the painting in front of you, but for some reason, something just isn’t... Continue Reading →

The Art of Space and Flowers

For once, there are several still-wrapped canvases, and even an unfinished painting in my studio, but I got a little distracted by an idea for a new work. Japanese influence has been floating in and out of things right now: thanks in no small part to my husband's obsession with all things Japanese literature. We... Continue Reading →

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