My Own Little Art History

A brilliant piece of advice I came across recently is that you need to learn about your own art history, not just that of the Great Masters and contemporary artists, and that's what I'm going to talk about today. I often work within specific themes or phases, but most recently these have been troubling me... Continue Reading →

‘The Living World’ Art Exhibition Review

An art gathering is no longer something to be sought out underground, in the lanky alleyways and drunken gloom of Bohemia. While some readers, still young at heart, as young as they never were, will regret this fact others will embrace art's promotion into overground light, and unashamedly embrace its nouveau riche glitter. Chloe Waterfield's... Continue Reading →

Bold and Beautiful – Official Press Release for ‘The Living World’ Art Exhibition at Le Meridien

Words by Justin Fenech Born in England and raised in Malta, Chloe Waterfield belongs to this upcoming generation of artists who have roots everywhere. Ever since she began experimenting with art, she has sought her inspiration from all corners of the globe. To her, nature is limitless and without borders. This powerful message expresses itself... Continue Reading →

Yes, People Can Be Endangered Too

As I've been delving more and more into the world of animal conservation, I've realised just what a fragile place the world is. Sometimes though, we hardly give a thought to the countless peoples that we share the planet with. I mean, we all donate to charity and wish to end poverty, but it's not... Continue Reading →

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