The Legacy of the Blue Macaw

I don't have many connections to Sao Paolo. Passing through it's bustling and somewhat cold airport a few months ago, I couldn't have felt further from Brazil's rich rainforests, immense diversity and un-contacted tribes. Yet this place was thrown in front of me a couple of days ago, when news of extinct blue parrots started... Continue Reading →


No Forest Too Far

The world is quite literally on our doorstep. Thanks to globalisation, immigration, airline travel and our amplified imagination, almost every corner of the world has been discovered, trampled on, and had a selfie taken with it. Yet there are still places in the world that most of us have never heard of. Species we've never... Continue Reading →

The Art of Looking

I'm used to seeking inspiration for my art from grand, sweeping landscapes and detailed scenes, but with a new series of works in the pipeline, I'm going to change the way I look at things, focusing on the details and analysing anatomy and the senses with a new purpose. Because when we stop to think... Continue Reading →

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