#DogHeroes – Galgos del Sol

I have to start my first #DogHeroes post in Spain. I love Spain, I love the people, their attitude to life and the arts, and have found my trips to Madrid and Valencia to be among my most inspiring. However, and please forgive me for generalising for the moment, I do not love their attitude... Continue Reading →


Year of the Dog – #DogHeroes

We've just welcomed in the Chinese New Year, and as most of you know or have heard, 2018 is Year of the Dog. In Chinese astrology, every  year is related to a different zodiac animal in a twelve year cycle, and this year happens to be Fido's turn. But I'm not going to talk about... Continue Reading →

Cosmic Thoughts – Light

The lights we see from stars and planets emit a beautiful array of colours. But light isn’t just about illumination. Light is the very DNA of a celestial body’s chemical make-up. By using spectroscopy, astronomers can deduce what elements are present on a planet or star. Each and every element in the universe, when burned,... Continue Reading →

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