Stargazing In Dwejra, Gozo

Dwejra is a small bay on the tiny island of Gozo (Malta’s smaller sister island) made famous by its now extinct Azure Window, made even more famous by it’s role in the first season of Game of Thrones. I’d visited this Mediterranean landmark a number of times, hopping on the ferry and keeping an eye... Continue Reading →

Notes From The Sky

I'm not afraid of flying. It's not one of the experiences I enjoy the most, but it's far from pleasant. I love the hustle and bustle, and the anticipation of airport departures. I love people-watching and wondering where they're going, where they've come from and all the stories in between.But when I'm flying, I don't... Continue Reading →

Wandering Universe

The hue and the wing beat Bound by the laws of Physics. The eye and the nebula Too wonderful to be accidental? The paradigm shifts upon takeoff The paradigm shifts upon implosion. What a journey it must be when your feet Barely touch the ground To kiss the wind of the sea and the sound... Continue Reading →

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