Confrontations With Colour

Everyone sees colours differently. The average human can see around 7 million colours. Some can see far more subtle shifts in hues than others, while some individuals with red-green colour blindness cannot distinguish between a green apple and a red apple. But even if we all saw the exact same number of colours, can we... Continue Reading →

Art Diaries: Plein Air Painting in Patagonia

It almost happened without me noticing. All of a sudden I felt a searing hot pain in my fingers. No longer absorbed in what I was doing, I noticed how numb my hands were. That’s what happens when you remove your gloves for plein air painting at -2 degrees Celsius. It's cold, and it hurts.... Continue Reading →

Black, White & Colour

We're all (hopefully) familiar with the colour wheel; we've been taught how to use it, and how not to use it, and learned what colours compliment, and which don't work so well. Whilst I am a huge fan of bright, bold primary colours and using vivid yet limited colour palettes, I get the feeling that... Continue Reading →

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