SHout Art Exhibition – Artists together to protect birds in Spring

A collective art exhibition in Malta in support of SHout, Spring Hunting Out campaign. A number of Artists have got together and are offering one or more of their work of art to this good cause.


A collective art exhibition in support of SHout, Spring Hunting Out campaign. A number of Artists have got together and are offering one or more of their work of art to this good cause.

Artists: Chloe Waterfield (that’s me), John Busuttil Leaver, Rodney Ingram, Jacqueline Agius, Mathew Pace, Simone Cutajar, C.S Lawrence, Joe Sultana, Emma Pace, Marika Borg, Andrew Micallef, Doranne Alden, Cally Higginbottom, Kevin Sciberras, Marisa Attard, Winston Hassall, Joe Pace Ross, and Christopher Saliba.

More information about the event is available on Facebook.

Spring Hunting is harming birds. Spring Hunting is damaging our countryside. Make Malta better – Vote NO on the 11th April and let’s Shout Spring Hunting Out!

Date: 13th March – 27th March 2015
Place: Din L-Art Helwa,  Old Bakery Street Valletta, MALTA


To find out more about commissioning a painting or to enquire about specific paintings for sale send me a message through my Facebook Page or take a look through at my website:

Black, White & Colour

We’re all (hopefully) familiar with the colour wheel; we’ve been taught how to use it, and how not to use it, and learned what colours compliment, and which don’t work so well. Whilst I am a huge fan of bright, bold primary colours and using vivid yet limited colour palettes, I get the feeling that black and white are underestimated.

The Impressionists were against using white in their paintings. A ‘white’ object, when painted, is never truly white; it in fact reflects all of the colours, light and shadows around it. Shadows are never truly ‘black’; but try trying to paint a rich deep, darker-than-grey shade without black, and it’s never quite rich enough.

Ignoring these supposed rules, black and white have endless possibilities. You can throw together as many bold and crazy colours as you like; but add black and whites to them, and suddenly the whole composition will become coherent.

Below are some examples I’ve chosen that emphasis this rich harmony of black, white and colour, in various unique ways:

Henri Matisse, Sorrow of the King (1952)

Franz Marc Dog Before the World, 1912

Caravaggio Saint Jerome Writing, 1606

Lemakoo Art Flowers

Nature does it pretty well, too.

Thylacine Oil Painting

And my own painting ‘Thylacine‘ using black as a bold, neutralising colour. I will be exploring this colour harmony in more detail in the coming weeks.

What do you think about this subject? Can you suggest any examples of paintings/artefacts that demonstrate this wonderful colour harmony?