Colour Theories: Purple

We are a pattern-seeking species, and this is never more evident than in the career of any long-term established artist. From signature brush-strokes to colour meanings and even position and juxtaposition of objects, patterns are evident within any body of work. Evolution from disjointed works of art to art with purpose, evolution and a timeline doesn't... Continue Reading →

My Own Little Art History

A brilliant piece of advice I came across recently is that you need to learn about your own art history, not just that of the Great Masters and contemporary artists, and that's what I'm going to talk about today. I often work within specific themes or phases, but most recently these have been troubling me... Continue Reading →

On the Easel: Circumpolar

So, no work in progress shots as of yet as it's dark already, but work has begun on a brand new series of paintings, specifically a 50 x 50cm triptych.Collectively title 'Circumpolar' this piece tells a story; the beautiful and incredible story of the Arctic Tern, a small and inconspicuous seabird that has the longest... Continue Reading →

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