Year of the Dog – #DogHeroes

We've just welcomed in the Chinese New Year, and as most of you know or have heard, 2018 is Year of the Dog. In Chinese astrology, every  year is related to a different zodiac animal in a twelve year cycle, and this year happens to be Fido's turn. But I'm not going to talk about... Continue Reading →

I Eat Meat

This is not a blog about activism, or elitism. This is a blog all about what makes us individual, what makes us human. The ability to rationalise, reason, formulate opinions, and to politely agree or disagree. I eat meat. I am a passionate wildlife artist, advocate for conservation, and firm believer in animal rights and... Continue Reading →

Do We Really Need Zoos?

I've visited many zoos around the world in my twenty five years on this planet, and I always looked forward to indulging in my love of nature in whatever small, humble way I could, land-locked in the centre of the UK or, more recently, relocated on a tiny Mediterranean island with virtually no native mammal... Continue Reading →

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