Painting, Honestly

As a painter, my vision is always changing and evolving. The start of the new year is a fairly typical time for self-reflection and re-evaluation, but I’ve been dwelling on these for a while now. It’s only as I’m currently recovering from endometriosis surgery and banned from my studio that I’ve taken the time to... Continue Reading →

Colour Theories: Getting Carried Away

Colour. The truth is, it's not as easy as you think. This week, I want to talk about what happens when you get carried away by colour. You can't just throw down whatever colours you like. Colour is merely the way our eyes respond to reflected light; an incredibly simple and beautiful principle, but difficult... Continue Reading →

On the Easel : Symbiosis

After working on a couple of commissions I've settled back to my signature style. This style for me is the perfect combination of colour and theme; I love being able to use rich colour combinations with line and shapes to convey all manner of subjects, which convey different emotions to the viewer. This piece, featuring... Continue Reading →

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