O is for Ovenbird

As a child, I’d always illustrate the stories I wrote. I’d fold a piece of A4 paper in half and design a full book cover, with blurb, barcode and all. Now I have a child, I’ve been thinking about how my art has changed, and how it needs to change. A new baby to care... Continue Reading →

Cosmic Thoughts – Lago Grey

There are just a few places in the world adequately free from light pollution as to be able to enjoy the full beauty of the stars. Not one or two specs, not the brightest constellations, but to be able to see the vastness of our arm of the Milky Way, wrapping around the black blanket... Continue Reading →

The Expanding Universe of Art

How is one supposed to feel, knowing that we, on our pinprick of our blue planet, in our speck of dust under the cosmic carpet of our milky way, are hurtling through space and towards infinity, with absolutely no consolation except the knowledge that it's actually happening. I guess in a way, the art world... Continue Reading →

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