Art Diaries: Roots

There aren't many wild areas on this island. There are few natural habitats left where flowers are free to bloom with the seasons, but nature is incredibly adaptable and versatile. The greatest of oak trees grows from a tiny seedling, and alpines can grow on the harshest, steepest winter slopes. And even in Malta, nature... Continue Reading →

I’m Quitting Social Media

Whether you’re shocked by invasions of privacy, selling of personal data, an overabundance of propaganda, or simply tired of algorithms, there are plenty of reasons to quit social media. If you’re an artist or small business, there are probably even more. We’re told that we must be on every social media channel going, that we... Continue Reading →

Why Abstract Art Sucks

Abstract art is the visual that goes beyond the representational. Abstract art does not depict accurate forms or reality, but relies on colours and their juxtaposition, form, line, shapes and marks to tell a story. So, not limited by any representational form, abstract art should be easy, right? With no template or box to restrain... Continue Reading →

The Storytelling Artist

My paintings have never been explicitly personal. The stories of any specific painting tend to appear after the work has been completed, rather than before it. Sometimes it’s a simple source of inspiration: one song title or one piece of music that triggered the colour scheme, or a particular story of an animal or planet... Continue Reading →

Tides Of Change

Every day or weekend that I can be productive through painting feels like a huge victory recently. Opening up a favourite playlist on Spotify (right now it’s the soundtrack to David Attenborough’s One Planet – uplifting and magical!) and getting out my art box is the perfect retreat from recent weeks of preparing a nursery,... Continue Reading →

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