An Artist’s Year In Review

So here we are, 2018 has been and gone in an incredibly short space of time. Both artistically and personally it was quite an eventful year, as I spent the first half of it planning for my upcoming wedding. It was a year of great chance and growth, and between getting married there was travelling more than half way across the world, travelling back home and of course, painting. The first part of the year was hectic, and didn’t leave too much time for painting.

Thankfully, May came by without a hitch (or, almost) and I said my I do’s to the writer that’s been by my side for almost ten years.

C+J Wedding-88

At the beginning of the year, I found time to indulge my love of all things albatross, and Arctic whilst continuing my Cosmic Nature series.

Wandering Universe, Oils on Canvas

Then I decided to pursue a subject that I’d always avoided: architecture. I was inspired by thoughts of travelling, memories of Rome and the wonders of nature, and they all came together quite wonderfully.

Then, it was time to head to Chile and Patagonia for an amazing, adventurous and at often times mystifying honeymoon.


I won’t go into detail here, as you can read all about our adventures in Patagonia right here on my blog!

Then of course, I had to paint it!

Patagonia Painting
Lago Grey, a very misty scene, Oils on Canvas

Of course, I saw lots of nature on my travels, but 2018 was the year where I focused less and less on animals in my paintings, and turned more towards other aspects of nature. I went through several shifts in focus, with the inevitable doubts and worries that all artists have when changing direction. I planned a series of works on Patagonian landscapes, but apart from the one pictured above, they haven’t yet come to fruition. It doesn’t mean that they won’t, but somehow it wasn’t the right time to explore the idea. Perhaps because the stunning memories and gorgeous photographs were too fresh in my mind.

So I turned to Japanese art, and felt the love for the cherry blossom take over!

Universal Blooms, Oils on Canvas

Before I knew it, the year was almost up, and whilst the year was fairly quite in terms of paintings on canvas, I painted dozens of watercolours, expanded my Cosmic Nature series in several new directions I’m very proud of. I even launched my Etsy Shop, so I can find a home for the countless little watercolours that are begging to share your walls and your homes.


I have plenty of plans for next year already, as well as one final painting.

Once I’ve finished this piece, I’ll probably post it here on the blog before I have to take a mini-hiatus for a week, due to undergoing surgery for endometriosis. I should be back towards the end of January, and raring to go!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you all for sharing my journey, loving my works and supporting my journey, I couldn’t do it without you!

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