The Maltese Painted Door

When I was approached by a local property owner in Malta seeking a novel concept for his front door, I was at first a little daunted by the prospect. Elaborately painted doors are nothing new on the Portuguese island of Madeira; the island positively screams culture, but Malta is a little more conservative when it comes to street art.

But, thrilled at the chance to create something new and daring, I took up the challenge. A nondescript house in a charming side-street in Sliema has been given a unique face-lift.

FullSizeRenderOn the front door of the house named ‘The Artist’s Lodge’ passers by are greeted by the sight of a posed, elegant Grand Master of the Knights of Malta, and looked down upon by the eyes of a domineering Maltese falcon.


The painting itself posed a few logistical challenges; the qualities of the typical Maltese wooden door also proved a complex surface to paint on. But I was invigorated by the new surface, chunky brushes and the ability to let go and enjoy the colours.


It was daunting but ultimately satisfying. Something new for me and, I hope, something new for Malta. I hope the idea catches on, giving Malta’s already unique houses an aesthetic facelift, giving locals and tourists alike a new feast to indulge in.

To find out more about commissioning a similar project or to inquire about specific paintings for sale send me a message through my Facebook Page or take a look at my website:

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