‘Traces of Life’ Juried Art Show, USA

Arterie Fine Arts Traces of Life Juried Exhibition Malta Artist Chloe Waterfield
For the month of April I was honoured to have one of my best pieces and the cornerstone of my semi-abstract style – ‘The Solutrean Expression’ hanging in my first international exhibition, thanks to the gallery of Arterie Fine Arts in Naperville, IL between 2nd and 29th April 2014.

It was a humbling experience to be chosen for this intimate show in this unique gallery that encompassed a varied collection of artworks from worldwide artists.

Life has many meanings. It is biology, it is the sacred force that defines our Earth, it is process, it is culture, it is interaction, it is wit, and it is ambition. It may be a personal question, or it can be a matter of abstract debate.

Read the full press release of the exhibition here


Yes, People Can Be Endangered Too

Nukak Portrait Painting Chloe Waterfield Art Paintings MaltaAs I’ve been delving more and more into the world of animal conservation, I’ve realised just what a fragile place the world is. Sometimes though, we hardly give a thought to the countless peoples that we share the planet with. I mean, we all donate to charity and wish to end poverty, but it’s not just about ensuring everyone on the planet is fed and watered.

Everywhere around the world, from secluded corners of the Amazon rainforest to Siberia, southern Africa and India, indigenous tribes and cultures are disappearing at the hand of their own siblings; the civilised world. For as we cut down the habitat of the squirrel monkey and build roads through the Kalahari, these cultures are being lost as their inhabitants flee, disperse, or are forced to settle and abandon their traditional hunter-gatherer, rock-art making, rain-dancing ways.

I’m not allured by realism but I am allured by emotion, so my next series of paintings moves away from the animal world and instead focuses on the various groups of endangered peoples in the world, painting intimate portraits, abstractions and constellations,┬átelling their stories and sharing their cultures.