On the Easel: Circumpolar

So, no work in progress shots as of yet as it’s dark already, but work has begun on a brand new series of paintings, specifically a 50 x 50cm triptych.

Collectively title ‘Circumpolar’ this piece tells a story; the beautiful and incredible story of the Arctic Tern, a small and inconspicuous seabird that has the longest migration  of any animal on the planet. Every year, the Arctic Tern completes its circumpolar migration from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back again. A round trip of nearly 45,000 miles!

The Arctic Tern seas more daylight than any other animal and experiences two summers. With these paintings I am hoping to capture the emotions of this humble and astonishing creature as it takes off from its nest, flies across the globe and lands in its final destination to breed, fledge its chicks, and start the cycle all over again.

What could be more beautiful than that?


On the Easel : Symbiosis

After working on a couple of commissions I’ve settled back to my signature style. This style for me is the perfect combination of colour and theme; I love being able to use rich colour combinations with line and shapes to convey all manner of subjects, which convey different emotions to the viewer.

This piece, featuring an African Buffalo and an Oxpecker, highlights the unique relationships between different species and their relationship with their habitat. An intimate and complex balance that can easily be tipped.

If you want to learn about some truly amazing symbiotic relationships in nature; watch David Attenborough’s Kingdom of Plants. Maybe plants are even more fascinating than their animal counterparts….maybe they will get their own series of paintings sometime soon…